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We provide quick and accurate safety checks, with unrelenting customer focus - created by technology entrepreneurs and legal experts, BGC helps companies of all sizes identify and mitigate safety risks scalably.

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  • Document validation

    We extract data from documents and check with the approppriate institutions.

  • Facial recognition

    We can determine the match between a given person and a document.

  • Criminal background checks

    We analyze criminal lawsuits and issue certificates for all states in Brazil.

  • Academic and professional background checks

    We check credentials with institutions and peers to ensure data provided by your candidates is accurate.


Mass background check


Our platform scalably checks several data sources in seconds to provide accurate results.

Integrate your product through API

API integration

In addition to our web client, your company can integrate with our API for full automation.

Legal experts analyse your check

Legal expertise

Our Legal team constantly reassesses our check matrix and they might even review cases manually.

Customize your product for your needs


Your business is unique and your solution should be too. We believe one size does not fit all.

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